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Churches We Recommend
If you are not in the Ravenna area and you are looking for a good church to attend, we highly recommend these:

Open Door Baptist Church - Pastor William Turner
1812 University Blvd
Lima, OH 45805
(419) 227-1637
Web Site:

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Bearing Precious Seed .....

Church Evangelist Rod Black....
Evangelist Rod Black has published a new, full color, version of his tract "I'm a pretty good person".  To see the new tract click here: The New I'm A Pretty Good Person.

Also available from Bro. Black is the "Got Life" Tract written by Associate Pastor David Ballert.

For ordering information please go to

Dr. Al Lacy -
Dr. Harold Pierce - Missionary to

All Points Baptist Mission ...

North Valley Publications: A great source for good, Godly materials.
North Valley Publications
A Music Source you can trust!

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Christian Law Association:
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